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Digital Calipers:  Digital measuring tools such as digital calipers, digital micrometers made by Chicago Brand and Mitutoyo.

Tubing Benders: Manual and Hydraulic tubing benders for roll cage fabrication, hand rails, or motorcycle frames. 

Notching tube and pipe: Tube and pipe can be notched with a variety of tools and machines, from saws to plasma cutters. For the hobbyist, the job shop, and the manufacturer, the most common machine tools used for making weld joints are the hole saw, the abrasive-belt notcher, and the end mill notcher...

Tube Notching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tube notching is commonly performed before joining light-gauge tubes to make a tee or similar joint, as by welding. Either one or both tubes may be notched before assembly. A familiar example of tube notching is in the manufacture of bicycle frames...

Roll Cage Fabrication: I'm building an off-road buggy and need to bend 1-1/2 x 0.120 4130N (Chromolly) tube. Will the Model 3 bender bend this tube without crinkling the inside radius? I'll probably be using around a 6.5 inch radius die



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